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Welcome to the Schmitzelson page!

Here at Reading with Wallace we like to hear from kids themselves about children’s and YA literature (because how much do Anah and Wallace really know? One’s an adult and the other’s a senior citizen dog). For the past two years Anah has been stopping into the Schmitzelson classroom to talk about Reading with Wallace, and to hear students about what they think about the books they’re reading.

On this page you will find posts on all things children’s and YA literature from the Schmitzelson students. Wallace and I look forward to hearing from you grades sixes!!!! Happy reading.

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4 thoughts on “Schmitzelson’s Class

  1. The Lorax – Book review
    By: Justin .C

    The Lorax written by Dr. Seuss is a very interesting book and the writer took a very deep issue and turned it into a kid format. The main character finds a beautiful forest, then chops one tree down, the Lorax tries teaching him the harm he is doing. The character does not listen, he continues to cause harm. The once beautiful forest has become a dreaded bare landscape. This story presents a strong message about the environment.

    This struck me that such an environmental issue could appeal to children. Dr. Seuss is a very imaginative writer and illustrator he usually portrays deeper meaning than the story directly. The artwork in this book appeals to children and adults of a variety of ages. He uses many metaphors, hyperboles, and similes in his writing. Such as, “He sounds as if smallish bees where in his nose, or, “The touch of their tufts were much softer than silk. The moral is human impact is changing the globe, and if we don’t act quick enough we could wipe ourselves out. There is even another moral behind that, it’s greed compels you to do things that you normally wouldn’t.

    Overall I give this literature a 5 star rating. This book appeals to be for young children by the sight of the cover but remember, don’t judge a book by it’s cover. If the book is in arm’s reach and your waiting or just want something to do it’s a perfect quick read. I recommend this book to anyone. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


  2. The Night Gardener

    By: Justin
    Author: Jonathan Auxier

    This is a recently written book told in 3rd person as a fantasy. It takes place in the sourwoods. This fictional area has distinct gloomy features such as: blurry fog, and eerie hills. A mysterious figure known as the Night Gardener that stalks the land at night. John Auxier does amazing job at keeping you on the edge of your seat. The realism that the characters had was incredible, every emotion was described. At the end the moral was very important: Everything has a price and some trades come at a very expensive cost

    The main characters are molly and kip, two young children. These children encounter the night gardener who prowls the grounds at night stealing drops of others souls, all to feed the tree, which was big, ugly, and black. The fruit of the tree was a mystery; it granted any physical object for which one wished. The characters went on through the book living off the tree and needing it. This takes Molly and Kip on wild unthinkable adventures, such as: when the night gardener was chasing them down the road at inhuman speed.

    This book kept me on the edge of my seat and left me wanting more. The physical description was detailed and very graphic. My report for this book is 5 ✰✰✰✰✰. This book can be very depressing at the near end, so prepare. I would recommend this book for children 11 and above.


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